How much is cost of war Iraq & Afghanistan for U.S

Do you want to know who much it costs the US Government and Tax Payers money for the past and ongoing war in Iraq , Afghanistan U$ 1,260 trillion dollars and counting...

The capture of Osama Bin Laden was welcomed by many but alot has been spent and lots of lives were lost and it is their policy to milk out US, in a statement he made at 2004 he said "We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy" this was quoted from the guardian

Google allows users to block sites in search results

If you are searching for a term in Google search engine and discover that according to the results presented to you some are spammy (meaning they do not relate or give very less information on what exactly you are searching for - give misleading results) Google has now given the power for users to block such sites / URL from the search results.

This is a move which draws attention of many SEOs and search marketing analysts because many believe the competitors can capitalize on such actions. Google has yet to confirm if data collected by users blocking the URLs from search results will be taken into consideration by Google's engineers but if this is done so it could be abused by any competitors and others therefore give false positives.

Some critics criticize the move by Google as say " Google lets customers do it's dirty work" to fight spam.

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Vanuatu government change

The Government of Vanuatu has undergone another change after a re-appeal court case which saw the outgoing MP Sato Killman challenging the decision of the speaker to carry forward a motion of no-confidence against his Government when there was not a simple majority of MP's present, then later the elect MP Serge Vohor as Prime Minister on Monday 02 May 2011.

On Friday 13 May 2011 the appeal court's decision was that the actions on May 2nd 2011 was null and void therefore the motion for non-confidence and also the election of Prime Minister was also null and void (meaning they were not recognized)

More on the decision of the appeal court is update here

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