Vanuatu 2012 official results - lobbying Govt formation

Vanuatu official election results indicates there will definetly be a coalition of different political parties and political groupings. The bigger parties VP (Vanuaku Pati) UMP (Union of Moderate Party) and NUP (National United Party) secured seats in the general election but not greter than 10 seats each.


MP Ralph Reganvanu's GJP (Graon mo Jastis Pati) have also managed to secure 4 seats according to the official results. This is something very exciting especially for a newly formed party to secure such amount of seats indicates that people are now choosing leaders based on their transparency and accountability of their MP allocations. This has been something MP Ralph has been very wisely doing, something the other MPs never do.


Currently VP, UMP and GJP plus Wille Jimmy's LDP (Liberal Democratic Pati) all have joined together to form a block but their number is just not enough to compete with the current care-taker Prime Minister's grouping MP Sato Kilman. Mr Kilmans group has most of the other indeependent candidates plus another political grouping (Alliance group) which their number they claimed to have 30 MPs on their side.


We now have less than twenty days left before a Government must be formed according to the law therefore lobbying is currently taking place. Everyone in Port Vila their hopes are that VP, UMP, GJP and LDP form the next government because they are sick of Sato Kilman's coalition with the alliance group BTW Ralph GJP used to be in that alliance group in the previous government , in this term Ralph joined VP, UMP block.


Way foward ?

One thing they (VP,UMP,GJP<LDP) could do is get NUP into that block BUT again NUP has issues with UMP on one previous term when UMP broke an agreement with NUP more heavily that agreement they broke was solidified through exchange of mats at a custom ceremony (something highly valued by the NUP leader since he is a high cheif of Penticost MP Ham Lini ). When UMP leader told NUP leader we will never leave that boat only when you leave we leave then later they broked the agreement it is something which cannot be easily mended. UMP needs to appologies to NUP through a custom reconciliation ceremony but this time what will UMP tell NUP.