Learn to code freely now

As the information age advances to a complex way of living , instances where almost anything encountered today is modern technological gadget smart phones, ipads, etc.. People tend to overlook how and what is actually going on and try to understand the process that keep these things running, and tell these things what to do. There are lines of computer codes running behind them, understanding them is something which might be useful.

Code is a website non-profitable organization which is dedicated to train people how to learn to code. Code realized that code skills (computer programming skills) is a need now therefore are prompting and offering free basic to advance coding skills. Code offers from kids to advance coding lessons. Code even got people like Bills Gates Mark Zuckerberg and others to do a short video clip on the subject of coding and how it changed their lives.

Feel free to visit their website and learn to code. They are not the only people some other ones for kids "Code Academy" is another website also "Scratch" which teaches kids how to understand the logic behind coding. Another good resource to go and learn coding is at Khan Academy.

I just found an interesting place kids could learn the programming language Ruby here in this site KidsRuby.com