Type captcha and contribute to digitize books online

 Everyone who browses on the web must at least encounter CAPTCHA.

Captcha tests if you are human being or not and tries that by giving you words or phrases in a form quite confusing to test if human can recognize the letters and characters to determine what exactly is the word.

Although nothing can prevent this from determined hackers from cracking the capthca the purposes of the captcha were
  1. To determine if you are human or not by testing you with phrases or words and numbers with confusing characters. OR
  2. To type words into books online simultaneously with millions of others without realizing.
Whenever you enters a given phrase or word displayed by captcha one of the two words or phrase is a new word that you actually enter onto an incomplete book. Every day thousands and millions of people type captcha words on the internet for different websites and whenever they type this they all are typing a book in combination.

The people who designed this found it easier to crowd-source this book typing project, help digitize books, kill two birds with one stone.

Racist map based on twitter tweets

Yes one could now see where in the US people talk/chat in terms of  discriminatory on the popular social media micro blogging site Twitter. A survey carried out by researchers at Humboldt State University  headed by Dr Monica Stephens . The research focused towards identifying which words discriminatory were used by twitter users on their daily tweets under the general classifications of homophobic, racist, disability.

The research looked at how twitter users used the ten words in a negative context dyke, fag, homo, queer, chink, gook, wetback, nigger, spick and cripple. With each of these words, they grouped in variations -- so the word "fag" represents "fags", "faggot", "faggie" and "fagging". The research team have a donation page if one wishes to request them to customize their query on certain other words or phrases.

The map identifies red areas most racists areas and blue areas lesser racist areas in the US, it locates the areas on a county level.

As seen on the map it indicates in general that the eastern side of the US is relatively racist than the western side (Los Angeles is less racist than New York) maybe that is why Tupac Shakur said in his song "California Love".

This same research team did a research and did a map for tweets mentioning racist towards President Obama around the Presidential US elections.

source: www.wired.co.uk

Delete tweets on twitter automatically

Privacy is a concern in this information age and people understand the risk associated therefore as more people use online services these risks are becoming ambiguous.

 Many people should be conscious on what they say (tweet) now which in future may have a different twist, people can be sued for defamation or for mistakenly saying things which were not intended to.

Efemr is an online service if linked to a twitter account can be programmed to automatically delete tweets depending on how one wishes.

A tweet can be deleted simply by placing a period for it to be deleted along the hastag #. For example #10m the tweet will be deleted after 10 minutes.

See what is popular in YouTube Trends

YouTube launched YouTube Trends which is a free service allowing anyone to see what is popular, one can filter which by age also by gender and by location.

This is an advantage for search engine optimizers/marketers who wish to understand and do analysis. That service is currently available for people worldwide, analysis can be done to the US market by people worldwide later it should be for other locations.

Combine 2 or more internet connections simultaneously

Fast internet connection of course we all like that, but what happens when you can combine two or more internet connections simultaneously and use them with maximum speed, you get fast internet connection.

how do you do that ?

You do that simply with Connectify Dispatch

I had a 3G modem plugged into my laptop, then i connected remotely to a wifi broadcasting from a router, all these internet connections were combined to enable high speed internet. Now this may look like nothing to people in Australia and South Korea where download speeds are normal to kick off from 1MB per second but here in Vanuatu where internet connection is slow this is what you could classify as fast internet.

The reason to for this post is to demonstrate that you could combine 2 or more internet connections and get a good experience from it simply by using Dispatch Connectify.