Racist map based on twitter tweets

Yes one could now see where in the US people talk/chat in terms of  discriminatory on the popular social media micro blogging site Twitter. A survey carried out by researchers at Humboldt State University  headed by Dr Monica Stephens . The research focused towards identifying which words discriminatory were used by twitter users on their daily tweets under the general classifications of homophobic, racist, disability.

The research looked at how twitter users used the ten words in a negative context dyke, fag, homo, queer, chink, gook, wetback, nigger, spick and cripple. With each of these words, they grouped in variations -- so the word "fag" represents "fags", "faggot", "faggie" and "fagging". The research team have a donation page if one wishes to request them to customize their query on certain other words or phrases.

The map identifies red areas most racists areas and blue areas lesser racist areas in the US, it locates the areas on a county level.

As seen on the map it indicates in general that the eastern side of the US is relatively racist than the western side (Los Angeles is less racist than New York) maybe that is why Tupac Shakur said in his song "California Love".

This same research team did a research and did a map for tweets mentioning racist towards President Obama around the Presidential US elections.

source: www.wired.co.uk