Vizualise tweets at Soccer World Cup Final

On the social media arena the soccer #worldcup was the most mentioed topic. The map vizualises the tweets on twitter for the world cup final between Germany and Argentina. Twitter stated more than 600 million tweets regarding the world cup occured on twitter since the begining of the popular tournament which is estimated have 1 billion viewers in total TV viewers. Example in Australia 2.3 million TV viewers watch the game when Australia played Chile, that is more than compared to the mens final of Australian Open.

World cup benefits OFC missing

The amount of money FIFA is spending on world cup is HUGE!

Here is an summary of how much FIFA is spending.

US$8 million (VT 784,000,000) – To each team eliminated at the group stage (16 teams)
US$9 million (VT882,000,000) – To each team eliminated in the round of 16 (8 teams)
US$14 million (VT 1,372,000,000) – To each team eliminated in the quarter-finals (4 teams)
US$20 million (VT 1,960,000,000  Fourth placed team
US$22 million (VT2,156,000,000) – Third placed team
US$25 million (VT2,450,000,000 ) –  Runner-up
US$35 million (VT3,430,000,000) – Winner

Why OFC could not get direct entry into the world cup, instead to qualify(get into world cup) OFC winner must play against the 4th looser of the CONCAF which in the recent case New Zealand the winner of OFC had to play Mexico (the 4th for country CONCAF) resulted in Mexico wining New Zealand.

We members of the OFC have to push FIFA hard for OFC to go direct entry into the world cup instead of this unfair arrangement.#OFCDirectEntry.

See the benefits any OFC country would get when qualified/entered into the world cup, each would get equivillent of VT784,000,000. Imagine what this money could do to the development of soccer in each island country.

Animate images on phone

Taking pictures and animating them into gif format is now possible because of available apps in Google play store.
I tried to test them here is an example of images taken on a normal phone camera and animated.

Under the microscope

Whenever we see things under the microscope they seem tottally different and makes you wonder WTF ?!!

Here is an image of a human eye zoomed. It actually looks like a burning forest at the bottom. Just imagine when someone has red eyes how would that look under the microscope scope ?

First photosphere approved

Yes just got an email from Google Maps that my first photosphere is being approved for public view.

It was around lunch time which I took this photo, still learning how to make good quality #photosphere images.


VLC player lags when playing HD video

I have this same problem whenever I tried to play HD (High Definition) movies on VLC player Acer Aspire D250 model laptop running windows 7.

The VLC laggs and often freezes whenever I play high definition movie files, now these high definition movies can be from 720p & 1080p MKV files or other file formats.

I tried options such as downloading the updated video card drivers and installing them but there is still no fix.

I came accross an option on howtogeek which should be helpful to others.

Option one is change the caching value in milliseconds to 1000 or even more and try it out.

or if it is still the same go to Preferances>Other codecs>FFmpeg> and change the option Skip the filter for H.264 decoding to "All". You can do this only when option one is not successful.

Download from Google Play to PC directly

If you are like me who need to download some apps (APK) directly from the Google Play store to your PC not your phone but PC then finally i found something which could just do that
There are some other methods which i tried but most are pain in the arse.

This method was a bit easier hopefully google will not stop this method yet.

You install "Real APL Leacher" and it will do the magic.

Steps to how to set it up could be seen here.

Free eBooks for Dummies etc

If you are looking for Free ebooks for Dummies there is this directory which provides quite a list of over 540 ebooks. This does not mean the books are for people who are dumb but instead if you never had the chance understand the idea of for learning Bio Chemistry then there is an e-book  in that directory called Biochemistry for Dummies.
There are heaps of these kinds of books which you could download then later read it at your PC, laptop , tablet or smart-phone.

Well the link is here Free eBooks for Dummies.

How to copy and share installed android apps

I just downloaded this new app to copy and share android applications from one device to another. It was just what I was looking for.

This saved me a lot of time and mobile data not to redownload an app which I already have installed.

I am sharing it to you.