Tracking cyclone East of Vanuatu

Just today it finally dawned on me that I need to get prepared for this cyclone/hurricane whatever.
I was scouring the internet for something such as an interactive cyclone tracking map.

Well It already has a name tropical storm PAM, the name Pam sounds like a cute name (Pamela or whatever) but sure this PAM is getting some momentum and getting dangerous.

Some forecasts predict wind speeds up to 120kts while others are more conservative. According to computer generated models the storm is forecast is to drive between Vanuatu and Fiji .

What should one do to prepare for cyclones?

  • Have the house ready for the cyclone (install shutters).
  • Store rations in a safe place inside the house (shops will be closed)
  • Get candles (chances of electricity power cut)
  • Get enough food supplies to last during and after cyclone
  • Have a portable radio (working on batteries)
  • Have a cyclone tracking map to follow the storm's progress and whereabouts
There are available websites to track cyclones/storms, here is one

Another site which does the job neatly is this one