eBay insights tool

For the past 8 years i have been purchasing stuff from eBay. The worlds famous auction site had made me saved significant amounts of money for items I which at time could only wish for in the brick and mortar I live close to shops around.

Although eBay came with its own challenges due to the geographical location of Vanuatu example sometimes shipping takes longer than anticipated. This had not discouraged me to purchase from them. Over 90% of stuff i purchase online are from eBay. This had encouraged most of my friends and families to purchase stuff on ebay through my ebay account.

Why I chose eBay is because it is reliable, they protect sellers and buyers from miscellaneous frauds and errors by introducing eBay Buyer Protection program, they have a rating scheme which rates users both buyers and sellers. I now had decided to try something new, I decided to start selling stuff on eBay instead of being a purchaser I want to try out being a seller.

Today while searching for ideas on how to start the question of what items are performing better on ebay and how should i know about them. I stumbled upon this guy http://andrewminalto.com/ who i believed gave some very informative stuff about researching on ebay to find the right performing niches etc. One tool he mentioned was TeraPeak.com. I am eager to try it out and see if it works to my needs.

 I performed some tests on the TeraPeak tool and it looks interesting, running quick through some features of the tool , it can filter the performance of a certain product by typing the keyword. Again it provides performance of the product typed by sell through rate, the average price, how many listings are there for you to compete agains, it gives the items offered.

Example below is the screen-shot of the keyword "phone" , from 1st Jan - 31st March 2015 the 1.9 million phones were listed and of that 693,000 were sold.

These information would give a potential seller the idea of what kind of market he/she is entering into and make informed economical decisions. Example he or she could sell stamps rather than phones, stamps total listing was 96,000 and successful once which were sold was 29,000.

I will not get into the details since it is a new tool for me and I will be traialing both Terapeak out and the selling process for eBay, at least get that ball rolling. Cheers