Youtube-dl download videos via text file

On any PC or laptop install youtube-dl and get to download video files from youtube or any other video streaming sites. The exciting stuff i like about youtube-dl is you even get to do cool stuff with it since it is open source and if you have coding skills and want to push this application to the edge you can play around with it.

One thing I like about it is since I don't have the time to wait for each download to finish and restart downloading , there is the option to download video files as a batch file from a text file which you store all your videos URLs in, the urls you wish to download.

The command is (youtube-dl --batch-file textlist.txt -f 18)

here is my screenshot for today's download.

You can also download from other sites such as vimeo, dailymotion and other sites, as long as you get the video's URL you can download from there.