Monkey Business at VNPF

The Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) has become under the spot light again negatively because of some mal-practices and decisions taking place under the management and it board members.

There were allegations of :
  •  management remunerations to be very high
  • poor  investment decisions
  • nepotism in the recruitment of staff
  • vnpf vehicles
  • conflict of interest in investments (board members)
This has sparked a range of views from public (member ) to raise comments about these allegations. This issues has been very sensitive because the memories of the 1997 VNPF riots are haunting the minds of people especially business houses and the staff and board members of VNPF at that time. It is an issue which needs to be dealt with very carefully by the VNPF management and its board of Directors. The current Government of PM Sato Kilman seem to be very quiet with the VNPF issue, some critics are concluding the Government does not want to react but buy time till a riot erupts so they can prolong the election just to keep them in power further more.

The blogs which sparked the controversial news was Talemot which made headlines.