China Huawei and 80% worlds communication

Should the Vanuatu Government be weary of Chinese Government monitoring its information system ?

What information does the Vanuatu Government has that would be valuable to the Chinese and others.

These are some questions to ponder about when a recent study claims to have some substantial prove that Chinese Government owned companies “Huawei” and “ZTE” have access to backdoors in the infrastructures of 80 percent of the telecommunication companies. The Vanuatu Government engaged itself with the Chinese Government by committing to a loan to further its own Government network, the e-government network’s purpose is to decentralize the services of the Government to rural areas without heavily depending on private sector ISP and telecom companies as previously , another reason was to reduce highly exaggerated service cost passed down by private companies. The Vanuatu e-government network is said to contain high speed internet connection 5 times the current speed of internet this is for the delivery of quality services. The Vanuatu Government engaged itself with Huawei the Chinese state owned company to facilitate the e-gov network, according to that recent published report by the blog ZNet Huawei company is the company which installs backdoors in the software and hardware devices of most servers. The research was carried out by a former pentagon analyst and claims that China already have 80 percent of the worlds telecommunication they have another 20% yet to concur.

As we are in the cyber-warfare age between countries it has become evident China is one of countries engaged in such activities as e-International relations has some views on that, one question the Vanuatu people should have in mind is that should the people of Vanuatu be afraid of China ? What valuable information Vanuatu has and should keep as a secret from China. The online privacy , identity theft and malware , virus terrorism are issues which we should consider as we are certainly becoming heavily dependent on the internet and information age.

Just imagine the power China has in its finger-tips for having access to 80% of the worlds communication, they can sell these information to marketing companies, sell these information to the black-market to use for malicious purposes, uses such information to suppress other countries e.g. USA and become more competitive in the digital economy which is more popular.              

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