VLC player lags when playing HD video

I have this same problem whenever I tried to play HD (High Definition) movies on VLC player Acer Aspire D250 model laptop running windows 7.

The VLC laggs and often freezes whenever I play high definition movie files, now these high definition movies can be from 720p & 1080p MKV files or other file formats.

I tried options such as downloading the updated video card drivers and installing them but there is still no fix.

I came accross an option on howtogeek which should be helpful to others.

Option one is change the caching value in milliseconds to 1000 or even more and try it out.

or if it is still the same go to Preferances>Other codecs>FFmpeg> and change the option Skip the filter for H.264 decoding to "All". You can do this only when option one is not successful.