Ebay taking too long to settle resolution

Two months ago I bought an SJ4000 action camera at EBay AU$65 (VT6,500) .

 I just got interested in these action cameras and decided to buy that specific camera.
Normally it takes 2 - 3 weeks for items to arrive. I was hoping to recieve that camera before the festive period (Xmas). However it took longer than expected, the seller even put an estimate delivery date around 05 Dec 2014 - 23 Dec 2014. I also had higher expectation for that specific item because it is located somewhere in Singapore according to the items listings.
I am in the process of getting refund through the ebay resolution center which handles complaints from sellers and buyers. Ebay's buyer protection program has a good reputation and this is why I have been using ebay in the past 8 years.
The seller claimed to have sent the item via Swiss post which he provided a tracking number. I contact him and he stated the item had  already been sent. In the ebay resolution center I raised a case and they are dealing with it.
Unfortunatley they are takin too long to handle the case.

I thought eBay might have handled this faster , instead it is still dragging.

I also raised refund complaint on twitter towards PayPal via the direct messages. I requested paypal intervene and see what is going on maybe the ebay resolution is too slow. Paypal also handles complaints for refunds since all payments at ebay are done via the payment method PayPal. Waiting for Paypal respond to my queries.

What have I learned from this
  • Do not accept items from sellers who ship items on free postages instead use paid services like Fedex or DHL or EMS which are reliable unlike free shipping
  • Do not place much trust on top rated sellers since their business are sometimes too big and only one or two person handles the logistics and other issues 
The case is still pending decision from ebay.