Search for business software became easier

Google search can give you all sorts of useful information, but sometimes you don't really get your intended search results which might be due to your incapability to properly add some filters or some sites which are not indexed in google's search results for unknown reasons. Unless you have some know how on adding somewhat advanced search filters on google's search but finding a software for your specific business or needs can be hard.

There are few services online which go through the lengthy process to index, categorize and review those informations. Some form of an online directory for business and the guys at Capterra they are one of those online services which did a smart way to find business.

Capterra categorizes most of the business from ranges of online accounting services to retail services, even farming softwares if you have a farm and need a software to manage your farm's resources (employee, assets, crops, animals).  You could be a doctor running a clinc and don't have a software to manage your basic business needs search their you could find that.

All softwares are categorized to ease the navigation in the site but you could search the site also to find your needs.